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..."The Ghost of Emmett Till" Continued

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     This book was not intended to be a civil rights primer for white people, but the author re-titled it due to so many comments from white readers stating that they learned a great deal about the Civil Rights Movement after reading this book. But to the same regard, this book also edifies African-Americans and others while it entertains as well.
     Readers are sure to emotionally applaud the retribution of Emmett Till's ghost in this amazing story.

A Reader’s Comments to Family and Friends

     I just completed reading this absolutely wonderful book, The Ghost of Emmett Till. ...I am an avid reader, which is what I love to do. I have read many, many books, but have yet to feel so inclined to share a story with family and friends as this book. ...This book is a great reflection of where we have been and what we have achieved. It is a must read. I implore you to get this book. I loved it. It is entertaining, educational, and uplifting. I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced, I got angry, I got happy, I prayed. I will remember Emmett Till. This recent presidential victory is for the Till family.
                          -Marie Moorhouse, Ann Arbor, MI-

Message to Parents and Educators

     The novel THE GHOST OF EMMETT TILL BASED ON REAL LIFE EVENTS is an excellent learning tool for secondary students for the purpose of teaching them about the Civil Rights Movement in a dramatic and entertaining manner. It is educational for both adults and children.

Click here to read the entire first chapter online!

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