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..."An Author by Profession" Continued

   I discovered in high school that I had writing talent, but was too busy with my academics and playing three sports to take writing seriously. My first serious venture with writing was penning song lyrics, which I think I was good at. But I became discouraged when, following an interview, my opportunity to write for Motown Records vanished after the company moved to California. I was heart-broken.
   I love writing and eventually developed an interest in writing adult, contemporary novels, three of which I have had published: Misbegotten, The Ghost of Emmett Till: Based on Real Life Events, and my most recent novel, The Ballroom Dancing Capers.
   Having been asked to write a book that features Saginaw, I accomplished that with The Ballroom Dancing Capers (a “novel” and not a ballroom instructional publication, as some people surprisingly think). Many readers feel this would make a most interesting movie. I am also pursuing that idea.
    Within the last two years, I’ve become an avid ballroom dancer and have met some interesting personalities like those readers will encounter in my latest novel. Readers have tagged my book as “very entertaining,” “educational,” “a most engaging read,” etc.
    The Ballroom Dancing Capers is a very good book for leisure reading. I encourage you to order my book today and become well entertained like many other readers.
   I wish to express great appreciation to the legion of readers who have supported my literary efforts by purchasing my books.

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