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Racism and Diversity Novel "The Ballroom Dancing Capers"

..."The Ballroom Dancing Capers" Continued

    At the crux on this novel is the issue of racism when the Caucasian president of a local ballroom dancing association refers to the style of ballroom dancing performed by a local African-American group as "...a bad style." The comment is made to a local newspaper reporter, which gets published and drives a wedge in the community along racial lines. A contemptuous court case ensues, which generates national news. This is a novel for anyone interested in outstanding character development, exciting dialogue, and great story telling.

Readers' Comments

"The Ballroom Dancing Capers is entertaining as well as educational."
                                  Beverly E. Thomas, Bridgeport, MI

"It's a very nice book to read. It's real-life stuff that one can relate to."
                                  Gwen Fleming, Saginaw, MI

\"...I couldn't stop reading until I finished."
                                  James Woolfolk, Saginaw, MI
"The Ballroom Dancing Capers is very compelling reading. I couldn't put it down."
                                  Dr. Maxie Jackson, Lansing, MI
"The characters were great. The story was engrossing I laughed often."
                                  Carlis Logan, Flint, MI


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