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..."Misbegotten" Continued

     Though the rape victim and her family are pro-life advocates, the victim’s father encourages her to abort her fetus because the rapist and father is a black man. However, the victim stays loyal to her pro-life conviction and later puts the newborn child up for adoption. The child is adopted by a caring and loving black family and unwittingly reenters the lives of the rape victim and her family.

     The father of the rape victim is incensed about the rape of his daughter. He incites members of the Euro-Brothers Defense Society to exact vengeance on black persons. At a gathering, the grand superior of the Society states, ”Some would say we’re unlawful; that we’re only vigilantes; that we’re taking the law into our own hands. Some bleeding-heart white people would criticize us. No, Brothers, let me rephrase that; some nigger-loving, kiss-ass whites would talk against us...The reason we started this because this nation is causing God-fearing white men to lose their God-given rights and place in society and in the world. Too many minorities have been allowed to come into this country, a country built by the honest sweat and supreme intelligence of white men. ...”

     The Society’s crimes make headlines and get highly investigated, particularly when members of the black community lodge feverish protests in regard to the slow pace of bringing the culprits to justice.

     The biracial, misbegotten child favorably impacts four families – including the family of the rape victim. The child grows up to become very successful. And after he was elected as mayor of Detroit, his friend and campaign manager mused that his vision went beyond Mayor Limuel Justine Morgan being mayor. And that he wasn’t going to rest until he got his pal Limuel into the governor’s mansion in Lansing and then residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

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